What if, you truly understood another person’s experience?

By Clement Gerbaud from unsplash.com

A small rotation of that ball reveals an entirely different experience of the sea!

If you choose to truly seek understanding of another person’s experience
you raise the other person’s value because you are seeking to ‘see’ them more fully.

It all begins with curiosity and intention to understand, or know another.
Centering and asking questions are the tools.

Questions you might ask:

How do recent events strike you?
Tell me more about your experience here, in this place?
What do you see as critical next steps?
What are dumb things going on that you’d like to see changed?

It’s simple, although not necessarily easy,
as it takes your focused attention and willingness to surrender your preconceived notions about them
and any defensiveness you may have.

Important to remember:
Asking to understand does not mean agreement.
It’s good to say, “I see that differently.” If you do.


Develop Power with Grace. 
Asking thoughtful questions is one aspect.
The best questions foster understanding, spark innovation, diffuse negative conflict, and build influence –
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