How do you increase your ability to see and perceive?
Why is this important for leaders and teams?

The contact lens in the photo is significant to me for two reasons.
One, it helps my actual vision.
And two, my own contact lens story is all about increased perception and seeing.

I always find my contact if I accidentally drop one.  And, I’ve dropped lens:
At the beach
On a busy street on a college campus – the following day
In the car between the seats
In the grass – the following day

The secret to doing this is being centered and present with myself,
and holding a clear picture in my mind.
If I am frantic, too busy, or not invested in finding it I cannot see the lens.

How does this relate to leadership and teams?
If you are not centered and present with yourself you cannot see or hear important information
even if it right in front of you!
You will also miss the 
subtle undercurrents going on with people, that if noticed and acknowledged
creates more trust and engagement.


Develop Power with Grace. 
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