What gifts does annoyance give us?
#1 of 3

Annoying people can be so annoying!
Though what if instead you recognized the annoyance as a guide & reflection for yourself?
To begin with, people aren’t annoying their behavior can be!
This is #1 in a three part answer!

Ask yourself if you do a version of the same thing.

The concept is called projection.
Projection occurs when a person attributes a
quality to another person that really comes from themselves.
Freud originally introduced this idea.

For example, if I am annoyed someone won’t listen, am I listening? Likely not.
If I accuse someone of being passive-agressive, perhaps I am also behaving passive-agressive.
(this could easily happen if you are accusing that person behind their back!)

Play with it.
An old saying, “If you spot it you got it!”
The world mirrors you back to you!

You can listen here for the 3 tips and a bonus:

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