What sounds center you?

by Jasper van der Meij on unsplash.com

When you pause and listen, what do you hear?
Do the sounds bring you a feeling of center or anxiety?

All sounds impact me in some way.

Did you know Pathogoras the ancient “Father of Mathematics” was also a musician? It is noted that he was the first to use music for healing.

Pythagoras –
“Every melody synchronizes the operation of the internal organs. This happens because any of our bodies – a source of energy and electromagnetic waves given frequency, as well as the sounds of music are also waves, they come into resonance with them – and the settings of our bodies change. When the melody sounds, its acoustic field is imposed on the acoustic field, and it turns out that we experience a certain kind of cell massage.”
Quote sourced from Olga Shnaybel (grammar included).


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