How do you move forward from past grievances and doubts?

Tirza van Dijk from

Tirza van Dijk from

While it varies from person-to-person and situation-to-situation, here are my top 6:

  1. All life experience has gifts, although sometimes it takes time to see.  It helps me to actively look for the gifts from the experience. 
  2. Focus on what you want next; choose to stop telling the old story, it keeps you in it. Create a new story. 
  3. Practice breathing and centering; the only thing you control is YOU!  As you breathe out imagine letting go of the past; breathe in the amazing now you!
  4. Get physical!  Exercise, move rocks, punch a bag!
  5. Keep a daily journal of what you appreciate.
  6. Build a fire, write out your grievances and doubts  – then burn them to let them go! Don’t hang on to them!

All past experiences build to make the next and the next experiences better and better.  

What would you add?



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