What if you had HEART goals instead of SMART goals?

Photo by Nicola Fioravant from Unsplash.com

From Jim Kwik’s book, ‘Limitless’, page 116
I highly recommend Jim’s book.

You are likely familiar with SMART goals. Are they limited and disengaging when things get tough?
I really like Jim’s HEART goals as they speak to the “Why?” and keep us engaged:

H – Healthy – How does the goal support your well-being?
E – Enduring – Will it keep you going through difficult times?
A – Alluring – Rather than having to push to work on it, is it exciting to pull you in?
R – Relevant – How does the goal relate to a challenge, your purpose or your values?
T – Truth – Is it true for you?  Or, for someone else?

I find this more of a draw than the SMART goals, what do you think?


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