Puja’s Recommendation Page

This page was created for Karen’s client Puja Parson, CEO of Growing Spaces – Enjoy!

“Because we know the greatest innovations spring from opposing viewpoints with diverse talents and strengths, we anticipated a need for help to unify our team to focus their energy toward the best positive outcomes.  We brought in Karen Valencic.  She has a gift for simplifying the art of influence and collaboration in a way all personalities can grasp.

“Karen provides tactical tools that enable us to bring into practice the communication that often seems elusive.  She does it in a style that is so supportive, calm and inspiring.  She has wonderful presence, which brings her audiences together with grace and ease.

“The following video shares Karen’s creative take on what the progression of conflict is and what it costs organizations and individuals.  Again, Karen using very practical analogies to convey and inspire.”

The following link is a wonderful audio interview with Karen from The One You Feed Podcast

Karen Valencic Interview From The One You Feed

Puja Dhyan Parsons, CEO of Growing Spaces LLC

Additionally, here is another promo video of Karen in action:

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