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  • Centering practice while driving download – acoustical guitar background
  • Bonus – downloadable Guided Spiral Meditation

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Spiral Impact Eliminate struggle. Harness the power of the spiral to achieve your desired outcomes – and do “it” with grace and ease.
Paperback Book: $13.99
Kindle Edition: $9.99
Audio Book: $14.99
Endorsements:“Thank you for your book. It kept me up late last night. Almost read the whole thing, and, if I were to describe it in a few words, they would be insightful, relevant and immediately useful. Great work!” Jeffery L. Baumgartner, CCIM

“I admire the way that you used the Aikido principles to ‘go with’ the usual admonision against listening to relaxation CD’s while driving.  The fact is, that most people have the time to do this sort of personal growth work during their commute. You brilliantly ‘went with it’, and developed a CD specifically for use during commuting!!   Thank you ~ I love it!! You do great work, and your efforts go along way towards making this world a better place.” Kathleen Miller

“Karen’s Spiral Impact is informative and useful desk reference for anyone who works or lives with other people. She has captured a lifetime of observations to help anyone stay centered and deal effectively with daily challenges.” Samuel Odle, President of Indianapolis Operations of Indiana University Health

Spiral Impact provides a road map to navigate personal and professional development with grace! Karen captures the essence of how to achieve great success. Every executive manager should have a copy!” Anthony P. Marmo, Administrator, Northeast Center for Special Care and former CEO, Kingston Hospital, Kingston, New York.

“Through Spiral Impact, Author Karen Valencic, takes on a topic the majority of us fear – Conflict. Valencic tackles conflict head on providing readers the tools for readers to shape it, mold it and ultimately dance with it!” Christine Van Marter, Corporate communications Eli Lilly and Company

Audio Guided Centering Practice [MP3]
Designed to help you stay calm and balanced through your day. Set to an acoustical guitar background.
Buy New: $9.99
Giving Deliberate Feedback for Leaders
Handbook with check lists and examples to give effective feedback the Spiral Impact way! 16 pages spiral bound. Also, available at your favorite electronic bookstore.
Buy New: $9.99

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Boost your Power with Grace

[vimeo]https://vimeo.com/274712964[/vimeo] Transcript: Karen here.  Got a question for you.  What if your driving is a model of how you live the rest of your life? Do you get stressed out with people who break the rules? Do you speed? Do you yell at people in your...

Master Conflict. Be More Free

When you can master conflict you achieve certain degree of freedom in your life. What is mastery? Listen in and find out!

Force versus Power

How you choose between using force vs. using power impacts every interaction you have — even if you’re interacting only with yourself. Do you know what that difference is? Believe it or not, the answer is based in physics.

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