Here is the recording of our fourth team session- April 17

Note, we did a quick review of the Spiral Impact concepts from session 1, then applied to 6 different scenarios.

Scenario 1: Triangulation

at 5:27 Scenario 2: Topic Giving Feedback

at 25 Scenario 3: Talking with Leadership

at 33:00 Scenario 4: Anesthetist approaching attending
51:20 Scenario 5: NP Connection with the Team
at 1:15  Groups from Cliques to Inclusion

Here is the recording of our second team session- March 27

Note, the first 30 minutes is about ‘centering’ the remainder is a group stakeholder mapping


Here is the recording of our first team session.

Download: Mastering the Art of Conflict Handout copy

For the content about ‘centering’ please download and listen to:

Strengthen your Balance and Focus while driving
Download here

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