punchA punch – yep, that’s what receiving feedback can feel like sometimes – even when asked for and expected.

Someone who will give you clean feedback with intent to help you grow and improve is a rarity. If you have someone like that in your life you are a blessed human being.


When feedback feels like a punch think: how can this give me ‘CLARITY’?
Yes, feedback helps you get clear about you!

For CLARITY consider these questions:

  • Is the feedback from someone whose worldview is valuable to me?
  • What is the intent behind the feedback? Is it really about me or is it about him or her?
  • What truth is in the feedback for me?
  • What about the feedback is valuable? What is not?
  • What do you want? Is this feedback helpful to get you there?

Much like conflict, feedback is required to innovate and grow. The world is constantly giving us feedback: how people respond to us; what results we get from our actions.

It’s when the feedback goes contrary or negative that it gets our attention, often challenging who we are, our performance or beliefs. Yet, feedback helps you get CLARITY about who you are, what level of performance you aspire, and your commitment to your beliefs and to what you are doing.

Also, much like conflict, the more centered you are with yourself and the more CLARITY you have about what you are about, the feedback doesn’t so often feel like a punch.

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