How big is it really?

Whether a problem or a project, is it as big as you think?

In the middle of the night, something was making a ruckus on my roof.  It sounded really big.  My first thought was a bear, but we don’t have bears here.  I got up, turned on lights, opened the window and yelled. Whatever it was, didn’t mind me. I mustered up my courage and went outside with a flashlight. This BIG thing was a small raccoon fooling around on an upper-level gutter.  I tried to chase him away by throwing balls; I have an awful aim!  He eventually left when I returned inside.

Is there something that seems really big in your life? Maybe it’s not so big.  Go ask questions and learn a little more about it.  Or, talk it through with someone.  A problem held inside grows; a problem shared diminishes.

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