Getting out of your comfort zone is common advise for increasing success. Watching the Olympics made me rethink this premise.

My conclusion:
Olympic Gold is achieved by being solid in your comfort zone and is fueled by a clear intent.

Being out of your comfort zone results in wobbly performance.

When an athlete loses his center (comfort zone) he loses his edge.  So do you.

If you find yourself frozen when needing to extend your comfort zone, maybe it is because your intent isn’t compelling enough.

A compelling intent trumps fear.

I went to aikido summer camp in Colorado recently, where my aikido took a quantum leap.  Not because I got out of my comfort zone; I found my comfort zone.

It felt magical; my technique improved proportionally with my comfort level.

Thank you to Sensei Tres Hofmiester and Kevin Choate. This was a huge ‘Ahhh…Yes!’ for me.  My compelling intent is practice with impact and grace.

Most of you reading this are not going to the Olympics or practicing aikido.

So, how is it relevant?

When you freeze up or avoid attempting something new, clarify your intent.  What is it you want?

Giving feedback to an employee – intent is to increase performance and realize your vision.
Public speaking –  what do you intent to accomplish? Why is important to you?
Making that phone call – what is the compelling motivation?

Then, incrementally take the steps to get there, expanding your comfort edge. Spiral Impact it by seeking knowledge, practicing center, and asking for support.Perhaps lingering discomfort or avoidance is a sign that you intent is just not strong enough.

Go for your Gold!  Get clear on your intent, then expand incrementally for Gold performance.

Let me know your thoughts!

With energy!  Karen