Something unexpected happened at the gym.   It was a stair-climbing day for me – the stationary escalator that only a few of us diehards use.

As I stepped into my rhythm, I glanced over at a young man on a neighboring machine. He was going full out.  He smiled, glowing and said,”I love this workout.  I’ve lost 80 pounds over 9 months.  Now, I am heading into the Marines!”

His enthusiasm was contagious.

I said, “That is great, and thank you!”  He responded with, “Wow, nobody ever says that. They think I am crazy.” He went on to share the history of the Marines and his goals.

I responded, “Well, I think you are courageous and generous.”  He turned up his machine another level.

Then, I turned up my machine 3 levels (Okay, I started lower).

Two strangers at the gym mutually inspired each other to pick it up a bit.

Who inspires you?   Do you inspire him or her?

Do you ever find yourself nixing someone else’s dream?
Watch out – what you put out comes back!

BTW, Andre’ Jr. leaves for basic training this summer….stop by Kona Jack’s sushi bar and him wish safety and success!