It took all my attention to follow the conversation – like walking through a maze with many wrong turns – there were so many words I was lost as to the point.

Have you ever been surprised when someone obviously didn’t understand your communication and you thought you were clear?

This often happens when there is:

  • Discomfort delivering a difficult message
  • A desire to build an overly thorough ‘case’ to prove a point
  • Lack of clarity before speaking

If someone doesn’t get my message, it’s my problem.
If I don’t get someone else’s message, it is also my problem.


Be clear. Ask for clarity.  Check for understanding, both sides.

3 Tips to keep your communication out of the maze:

  1. Before you speak determine the intention of your communication in 2 sentences or less.
  2. When leaving a voicemail, state the number of points you want to convey. Then, list them.  Plan before you call.
  3. Limit e-mails to factual exchanges; bullet your information if over 2 sentences; if a response is required, say so in subject line.

Did you see the message in the maze above?  Let me know in the comments…