Maybe I am old fashioned I like a plain map; even though GPS* is the current rage in travel guidance.

My daughter has a GPS she refers to as ‘Hugh.’  ‘Hugh’ has a very sexy English accent…my trust in ‘Hugh’ is low. We get where we want to go but often it is the scenic route!

‘Hugh’ stifles me through micromanaging my every move. My focus is paying attention to him rather learning the lay of the land. ‘Hugh’ has led me down one too many winding service roads. When I defy his orders – he recalculates. It makes me want to scream.

‘Hugh’ is like some leaders.  I call them GPS Leaders, they micromanage their people often taking them on a winding disempowering road.

In the end, he has reduced employee effectiveness and motivation.

If you are a GPS leader – STOP!
If you have a tendency to be a GPS leader here are some suggestions:
• Hire good people you can trust and let them do their jobs
• Be clear on expectations and offer appropriate training/education
• Ask for appropriate check-ins so you know all is going well
• Know people will make mistakes, it is the best way for them to learn

If you work for a GPS Leader:
• Don’t take it personally; practice centering
• Ask when and how your leader would like to be updated
• Find the time to learn ‘the lay of the land;’ you may feel like you are working two jobs
• Be sure you are very connected to the purpose
• Usually a GPS leader has a fear of something, figure out the fear and address it

What suggestions can you add?

*Global Positioning System – voice telling you precisely when to do what in the car.

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