Lead with Power and Grace

Embody the Art and Science of Conflict Mastery and Collaboration


Three-Day Challenge
one hour per day


Do you lead with power like the ocean,
do you feel like a boat being tossed on the surface in the storm of uncertainty?  

Even the most seasoned  leaders can be thrown out when turbulence doesn’t pause!


Many of the leaders I work with share these waves challenging their sea legs:

  • Unpredictable events and uncertainty of what is next
  • Disconnection, lack of control, and loneliness often experienced with virtual communication
  • Fear of not getting diversity and inclusion ‘right’
  • Destructive conflict provoked by a growing culture of division
  • Burnout from all of it

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Master the Art of Conflict –  Private Membership Site

Take your time as Karen walks you through the Spiral Impact key elements, suggests application and practice, and answers your questions.

You’ll learn a method to:

  • Be more confident and effective in difficult or uncomfortable situations
  • Transform fear into productive, problem-solving energy
  • Dissipate anxiety and overwhelm
  • Provide and receive difficult feedback with respect
  • Remove resistance, propelling you into innovation

  • Promote inclusivity and compassion in your communication
  • Create collaboration even with opposing ideas
  • Initiate and guide discussions around sensitive topics to foster learning and connection
  • Strengthen your awareness of your own, internal guidance
  • Be heard; promote understanding

Join me and Master Conflict and Own Your Power

Hi, I’m Karen Valencic, and I invite you to join me in this innovative approach for converting friction into creative fuel. My Membership site provides a practical introduction to my Spiral Impact® Method for mastering conflict and tapping into your own, true power. I’ll guide you through how to use the updated Black Belt Edition of my book, Spiral Impact: The Power to Get It Done with Grace, to make a powerfully positive impact in both your professional and personal life.

What exactly is included?  What is your commitment?

  1. Shortly after registration you will receive an email with your login information.  Then, you will have immediate access to six-10 minute videos with reflection questions, actions to take, and a live interactive blog.  In the videos I will physically bring the concepts to life with aikido movement and other physics demonstrations.  When you comment on the blog, I commit to respond within 24 hours.
  2. Each Monday at noon EST I will host a 20-30 minute zoom meeting to add more content or answer your questions.  Can’t make it?  No problem.  I will post the recording inside the membership site.  Monday mornings I will send out a zoom link with reminder. Please be sure to have my email in your approved list. If you use gmail note this may go to your ‘promotions’ box.
  3. Why a 3-month membership?  I know integrating this information takes time and support.  Each time you engage with this content it moves your point of perspective and you will see things differently.  Just like a spiral you continue to move to new awareness!   I also know if I don’t put an end date, you may drop it thinking you have forever! Though, it will renew.
  4. Get your Green Belt!  If you engage fully in the site for 3 months you will receive a Green Belt Certification.  This tees you up to be eligible for an invitation to practice for your Blue Belt. More information about certification here.
  5. I highly suggest purchasing The Black Belt Edition of Spiral Impact.  It is available everywhere.
  6. Privacy is important to me. That is why I host here on my private website.  If you prefer to use an alias name that is okay too!

Designed to be flexible, personable, private, and impactful.

Fit it to your own schedule.

Create True Power through Conflict Mastery

Who Is Karen Valencic?

Best Selling Author, Karen Valencic is founder of Spiral Impact, a company specializing in conflict mastery and performance improvement. As a degreed, tenured engineer, Karen’s content is informed by effectiveness and practicality. Thirty years of martial arts practice further brings an artistic flair and power to both her live and online coaching and consulting. For almost three decades Karen has guided leaders and teams to grow, flourish, and innovate — both personally and professionally — through speaking events, coaching, and consulting.

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What  readers say about the Spiral Impact Black Belt Edition:

“Protect yourself, garner more productivity and successes without filling up a gallery of enemies. This definitely does not mean to be a softie. Spiral Impact: The Power to Get It Done with Grace has all the moves.”  Dr. T. Tierney, Professor Emeritus of English

“Karen has provided a novel, memorable way to approaching conflict, facing adversity, and overcoming obstacles to our success in a way that gets it done, as she says, with Grace.”  David L.

“Karen brings you to a place that feels right and true, opening you up to find your natural tools.”  Karen G.

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The Black Belt Edition of Karen’s Spiral Impact: The Power to Get It Done with Grace is now available — and a best-seller on Amazon! From the book cover:

In times of accelerated change and disruption, peoples’ lagging ability to adapt opens a Pandora’s box that can result in destructive conflict, burnout, and division. In this Black Belt Edition of Spiral Impact: The Power to Get It Done with Grace, Karen Valencic shares how to bring forth your True Power and master the art of conflict to help you foster collaboration, innovation, and civility. These skills will greatly impact your sense of individual freedom as well as engagement in your life. Karen’s Spiral Impact Method is grounded in physics and the martial art of Aikido, which she blends with three decades of experience working deeply with leaders and teams.

From Karen’s Clients and Readers
Here’s what people are saying about Spiral Impact.

“The Spiral Impact webinar was one of the best that I have attended to date. The design of the program allowed me time to practice my skills each week and receive personal attention from Karen to keep working on my problem areas. It was extremely helpful and I would recommend it to everyone.”

Jennifer F.

Nurse Executive, Western State Hospital

“Karen provided a number of tools and techniques for how to manage competing priorities within the workplace, creating alignment while remaining calm and balanced. Thank you, Karen and Spiral Impact for these practical and powerful tools.”

Bob R.

Director, Delta Faucet

“I loved the ways Karen challenged my assumptions.  I learned that within assumptions lies a prison that keeps me focused on what I assume to be right without allowing a more fluid approach to consider other possibilities. I’m grateful for our year-long engagement. Her coaching was transforming.”

William T.

Chaplain Director, Indiana University Health

“Spiral Impact has caused me to pause and realize how some simple changes I can make in my communication can have such a positive impact on outcomes. I like the short story examples the author shares. This is an easy read and one of those books you can pick any page and get valuable insights.”

Amazon Reader Review

Spiral Impact: The Power to Get It Done with Grace

Spiral Impact’s Roots in Aikido

Dive deep with my Belt Certification Program

The way we interact with the people, things, and ideas in our lives either gives us power and influence or takes them away. Embodying what I call True Power requires more than just knowing techniques. You must apply those techniques to the situations that arise in your life, study the outcomes, adjust your actions, and incorporate them into a framework of habits that support you. Spiral Impact is grounded in the martial art of aikido, which uses True Power — focused energy, knowledge, intention, and support — instead of force, to render an attack harmless. Aikido is brought to life on the mat, where practitioners sharpen their skills, work out frustrations, and own their power. Showing up on the mat gives practitioners a chance to exercise, elevate, and embody their skills. My Belt Certification Program invites you to step onto the Spiral Impact “mat” to sharpen skills and develop your own True Power — then apply them to your work, life, and relationships.

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True Power

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