Solve Your Resource Issues: Rise Up!

Solve Your Resource Issues: Rise Up!

“I have too many resources!” said no one, ever. In fact, my leadership survey revealed that resource strain is the #2 drag on forward momentum for most teams. Interestingly, the origin of the word resource holds the key to a solution. At its root, resource means “rise...

Force versus Power

Force versus Power

How you choose between using force vs. using power impacts every interaction you have — even if you’re interacting only with yourself. Do you know what that difference is? Believe it or not, the answer is based in physics.

Watch now.

Ahh Yes! On a dark street in Boston

Ahh Yes! On a dark street in Boston

During these times...this feels right to share again. Those of you who have experienced Spiral Impact know I am a long time student of the martial art, aikido. Spiral Impact, a collaboration/mastering conflict method, is grounded in aikido principles. Fequentlly I am...

Power and Force – Distinction

Transcript: Have you ever considered the distinction between power and force and how your choice of which to use impacts your interactions with yourself or others? I have spent a couple-three decades exploring this...

Ahh…Yes!  Stick the landing

Ahh…Yes! Stick the landing

I love the Olympics. What a great time to turn our attention to elite performance and the World coming together for good! Flawlessly adjusting to rapidly changing circumstances is the hallmark of champions. Athletic performance is an in-your-face visual representation...

Ahh…Yes! Are You Certain?

Ahh…Yes! Are You Certain?

“Anyone who is so certain has got to be wrong,” my daughter’s father said upon her birth. You see, I was certain she was going to be a boy. In my mind I had collected enough evidence that to me at the time made it certain. “Certainty” by definition means without...

Ahh…Yes!  The messy middle place of change

Ahh…Yes! The messy middle place of change

Those of you who’ve read my writing over time know I am gardener.  This fall, as I was cleaning out my flowerbeds, I decided to harvest the seeds from my beautiful marigolds.  I did this as a kid.  I loved the cycle of flowers dying to produce seeds for the next year....

Ahh – Yes!  Perspective from Beetles?

Ahh – Yes! Perspective from Beetles?

I hosted a houseguest from Ukraine. Yuti was young and loved camping. As he passed through on his cross-country trips he’d stay here to regroup. Each time he arrived he’d tote in his pot filled with an ongoing version of his oxtail soup. He was generous with his...

Ahh – Yes!  Five ways we unwittingly create resistance

Ahh – Yes! Five ways we unwittingly create resistance

I throw a punch at my opponent; suddenly I am on the ground, immediately I spiral up to my feet to go for it again. After 27 years of Aikido practice it still sometimes surprises me how a group of people, many over 40, can pummel each other, do literal rolls in the...

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