Two common life strategies are “going with the flow” and “setting goals.” Over the years, I’ve experimented with both these strategies, neither by itself get results for me.

I’ve learned, ultimately, that the best example for living is as a river.

The river has a very clear intention of where it is going and at the same time “goes with the flow,” altering its course when landslides or other natural phenomenon block its path. The river’s path is rarely straight and its beauty comes from its response to ever changing conditions, never steering away from its ultimate intention – to reach the lowest point. If the river stops moving toward its intention, it becomes stagnate and smells.

After 14 years of practicing aikido, I always thought, “Someday I’ll take my black belt test.” Finally, one year, I set a goal to take my test in the following year. I created a very clear mental picture of my test and let it permeate my mind, body and soul.

Along the way, a knee injury, changes in seminar schedules and a variety of other issues required that I also “go with the flow” and adjust some of the details of how I was to reach my goal. Many times doubt entered my mind, but I’d adjust and refocus – it wasn’t easy.

My test would have never happened if I only “went with the flow” or only “set a goal.”

Great accomplishments require clear deep intention
coupled with the ability to adjust.

This is mid year, what goals did you set for the year that now seem stagnate? Did some obstacle get in your way to cause you to stop?  

If  it is important to you: there is no stop there is only pause or spiral!

Most goals are not accomplished in a straight line, they are a process that requires continual attention and adjustment. Spiral Impact gives you the support in that process.

My intention is to provide easy to use tools to support you in the Spiral Impact process – constantly adjusting and adapting to new business environments.  I just launched: Spiral Impact: Virtual Learning, for learning at your fingertips!  Now, I continue, to both set new goals and adjust as there is never an end to innovating learning. 

From center,  Karen

Thank you Will Ryan for the beautiful photo!