It seemed I was in live-action situation comedy.  Though rather than entertained, I was just confused.

The owner of a high-end technical product company gives me very specific instruction about the product application.  He leaves the room.

Enter his assistant, telling me not to do what he advises, but to do something else.  And, following with, “I know he said to do that, but don’t.”

At another appointment it was just the opposite, the assistant gave me instruction, then the owner came in and said, “Don’t do that!”

I respect the experience and knowledge of them both.

As a client, I am in the middle…

The intent for both is to provide the best guidance for me.  However, because they aren’t aligned it confuses me.

They are the experts, but the way they contradict each other
diminishes my confidence.

Does this happen in your organization?  Is your team aligned with your messaging to your customers and employees?   How skilled are you with expressing different opinions and getting agreement?

I can help you with that!

Let’s roll!  Karen