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Leadership Momentum Intensive

If you increased your:

  • Personal dynamic stability
  • Fluidity to move with and adjust to the unexpected
  • Ability to create alignment when differences seem great
  • Engagement with your people

Would you feel more impactful? More adaptive? More alive?  

Close the gap between rapid change and your human ability to adjust, keep up, maintain center, and get results!


Early Bird Pricing Ends April 18.

Why do you need momentum now?

Rapid changes in technology, environment, and the political landscape create a quickening of change and energy. This quickening presents leaders with opportunities to increase their momentum and influence, and expand into change – not just to survive but also to thrive.

What is a ‘momentum intensive’?

Just like you, I’ve been compressing my work into short snippets, sound bites, and learning aides. While these are great to guide and remind, the core concepts you’ll experience in this intensive will create momentum for transformation. We will spend more time with application and practice because that is where the juice is for learning. Your specific needs and questions will be addressed. The intensive continues virtually.

Embody the Spiral Impact concepts – build resilience and power

  • Equip your mind with tactics
  • Master your emotions with centering practice
  • Hardwire your responses through body memory

“We don’t rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training.”
— Archilochus

Our training is what we do daily, when things get challenging will we may think we’ll ‘rise to expectations’ we really do fall to our training. This intensive provides you the tools to raise your level of training.

Topics and applications we will explore are:

• Dissipating the anxiety and overwhelm that comes with change
• Reclaiming and optimizing resources by revealing the solutions inherent in the problem
• Finding ways to help your team become more fluid with shifting priorities
• Giving and receiving feedback effectively
• Mastering the conflict that naturally arises as a part of change

Momentum Intensive Design

Location:  Suite-D at Suite Meetings, 40 Executive Drive, Carmel, IN   (just north of Indianapolis, IN)

Phase 1: Webinar with Key Content, April 19, 3 PM

  • Assignments to complete prior to group session and delivered to me, so I assure we address your needs
  • Not to worry, this webinar will be recorded and available to you

Phase 2: Small Group Meeting

Thursday Evening, May 3, 6-8:30 PM
We will set the stage for the following day, get to know each other and enjoy a light dinner.

Friday, May 4, 8:30 AM- 4:30 PM
Learn, apply, and practice Leadership Momentum techniques. Snacks and lunch will be provided.

Phase 3: Online course content access

You will receive access on my members’ only site, where key content and videos are provided for your support.

Phase 4: Because learning is a spiral, attend again, as an inaugural member for free.

Attend quarterly Leadership Momentum Intensives in the Indianapolis, Indiana area, to hone what you learned and deepen the experience by sharing yours with others.

Registration Fees:

Next session will be fall 2018!  Sign up on the mailing list for updates!




How do you distinguish the difference between power and force?
And, why this important to create more efficiency and ease in your work and life:
Watch the video!

Tried and True Practices. All New Delivery Channel.
Comments from participants of Spiral Impact practices

“What I like best about working with Karen is she is passionate about helping people and organizations get unstuck and deal with the real issues. She is also respected as a coach of leaders because she doesn’t shy away from the tough stuff and provides real strategies that have immediate impact for all involved.”
Jan Green, Learning and Development Officer, Blue & Company, LLC 

“The Spiral Impact webinar was one of the best that I have attended to date.  The design of the program allowed me time to practice my skills each week and receive personal attention from Karen to keep working on my problem areas.  It was extremely helpful and I would recommend it to everyone.”
Jennifer Fritz, Nurse Executive, Western State Hospital 

“Karen provided a number of tools and techniques for how to manage competing priorities within the workplace, creating alignment while remaining calm and balanced.   Thank you Karen and Spiral Impact for these practical and powerful tools.”
Bob Rodenbeck, Director, Delta Faucet

“Because we have chosen a staff that has a diversity of profiles, attitudes and strengths, sometimes they find it hard to collaborate, and will resist one another, or fall into the negatives of gossip, projections and judgments that separate. Karen helped us learn to make our conflicts creative and keep things flowing even when differences arise. She is a support for a higher level of operating as a team.”
Puja Dhyan Parsons, 
CEO, Growing Spaces LLC

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