What if you had a simple and eloquent method to master conflict?

Mastering of the art of conflict is at the core of healthy innovative leaders and teams. This one talent removes resistance and creates momentum to collaborate while being less stressed in the process.

Have you ever thought or said:

  •   “I can’t stand conflict, I don’t like confrontation.”
  •   “I don’t have conflict.
  •   “We don’t have enough conflict.”
  •   “I am buried in conflict, it consumes my days.”

It may surprise you – each of the above statements indicates wasted energy and minimizes opportunity for innovation. Yes, even not having conflict is wasted energy.

What if you and your team had a simple and eloquent method to master the art of conflict? Does it feel like a relief just thinking about it?

That method is Spiral Impact and is based on position, not force.

What is Spiral Impact?

Spiral Impact  turns conflict from a problem into an art.  It is grounded in the martial art aikido, the art of reconciliation. Spiral Impact is also informed by Karen Valencic’s pragmatic background in mechanical engineering. It is both practical and powerful.

Come explore!

In the video below, Karen explores how conflict is the beginning of innovation — do you know how to make conflict innovative instead of destructive?

How much does destructive conflict cost your organization?  When small issues are not attended to, bigger events happen.  Take a look at this narrated slide show and learn how conflict is like water!  And, what it costs.


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