I was privileged recently to study with a highly regarded aikido teacher, Endo Sensei, from Japan. His fresh input and the time dedicated helped advanced my knowledge and commitment to my art. Although, I know real skill only grows through continued consistent practice.

When I attend a seminar, I like to pick one thing to continue deep focus on – that one thing this time is engagement. In aikido each person is responsible for providing continuous energy or feeling to the practice. That also holds true for innovation and relationships.

It is easy to fall into the habit of an incomplete engagement –
stopping or quitting too soon.

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 3.54.32 PMMuch like an:

  • unsatisfactory conversation where one or both people don’t feel reconciled
  • idea that gets dropped before it is fully developed
  • evaded question or request

The juice of innovation and relationship is in continued engagement.

This caused me to reflect on the engagement I have with you, my readers. I am passionate about developing leaders and teams to Spiral Impact, which is about honorable engagement.   How do I keep providing the energy for you? What avenues do I provide to continue engagement for learning?

A Spiral goes on and on…and so does development.