What is blank and full at the same time?

Answer:  Your mind when you don’t know something for sure or you are waiting for an answer.

Most people I know tend to fill in the ‘blank’ with what they fear creating internal conflict.

For example:

I was left out of the meeting because ________________.
Fear fills ______with: My input and position are not valued.  They are probably considering replacing me.  Or eliminating my job. Now what am I going to do?  I just put a down payment on the house.  What will my kids think?  I wonder who all knows about this?
Reality: Her name inadvertently was left off the e-mail invite.  Everyone wondered where she was.

He hasn’t called me back because ___________________.
Fear fills______with: They chose someone else.  But, our interview went so well, how could that be?
Reality: The decision was delayed because of a process delay in accounting.

She looked distracted when I was speaking because __________________.
Fear fills ______with :  I am not interesting.  She doesn’t agree with what I am saying.
Reality: The information triggered some very profound awareness and she was internally processing it.

A _______ is rarely really _______ because our imagination fills it in based on our fears!

What about spiraling in and asking for clarity?

Or, if you can’t ask, get comfortable with the mystery or assume the best.
Then you are not wasting energy on needless worry.

Do you have a story____________to share?

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