Walls are made of many things: bricks, cement, wood, stones. 

Yet the toughest of all walls is an invisible wall.  Composed of many things:

  • AssumptionsInvisable wall people
  • Righteousness about position or opinion
  • No acknowledgement
  • Balls dropped – promises broke
  • Looks
  • Misread glances
  • Snappy comments
  • Misunderstandings

To name just a few.

Brick walls separate physical things

Invisible walls separate our spirits.

A big hammer can tear down a brick wall.  Many people think the big hammer of ‘fighting” or ‘ignoring’ will remove the invisible wall, while in reality it makes the wall bigger and stronger.

It takes something more engaging and powerful to tear down an invisible wall.
It takes a Spiral to make an Impact to remove an invisible wall.

Do you have an invisible wall?
If you already know how to Spiral Impact…this serves as a reminder.
If not please browse the site!