Whoops! It’s been busy with Labor Day, school, football and 911 memories. So, I’ve extended the early registration discount for this coming Open program, until the 16th, in case you’ve been distracted.

Thursdays, September 22 & 29
Spiral Impact and Use Conflict Creatively
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My reflection on 911:

That morning I facilitated a half-day session of Using Conflict Creatively for the leadership of a large furniture sales company. As we began the session at 9 AM it wasn’t clear what was happening in New York. The decision was made to continue the training.

News trickled in.

Rather than being distracted, the audience deepened their attention to the content. I remember, as the news grew more dire, the urgency of how to use conflict creatively accelerated in a very quite centered way.

For me, 911 deepened my commitment to get along with others and share my knowledge.

If we can’t get along with our co-workers and family, how can we possibly get along with others so vastly different than ourselves?

My prayer in the memory of the loss is that we all can come together without a tragedy forcing it.

Thank you for joining me on this path.

From center,


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