Being ‘in the pits,’ took on a whole new meaning as I explained the intricate strategies of winning the Indy 500 to my daughter, Taylor, this weekend.

Watching the ‘pit’ activity is a great spectator sport, but a racecar driver’s goal is to spend as little time possible ‘in the pits.’  The key to getting in and out quickly is having a high performing team with the right equipment making fast changes.   Every millisecond hesitating or disagreeing loses precious time on the track.
Working seamlessly together is one key to winning.

‘Pit stop’ timing is another key to win.  Being able to time the depletion of gas and tires in an ever-changing environment takes knowledge and experience.   This year’s race was on a hot 90-degree track.  All the practice and qualifications were at 55-degrees or lower!  Temperature differences dramatically affect performance in racing.

The impact of environmental change is huge.  Take it into account in your work.

So what about you?Pit stop

Do you spend too much time ‘in the pits?’
Do you have a team who helps you turn around and get out quickly?
Do you know what affects your performance?
What changes in the environment impact your team?

AND, remember  –

Well planned pit stops are necessary to win, when do you schedule yours?

Spiraling forward!


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