When I say ‘diversity?’ What word pops into your mind?

I am just off the aikido mat, where I study relationship, connection and my response to variety of people. I find it absolutely fascinating.

A visual snapshot of the group doesn’t reveal all that much diversity. Yet, each person is so diverse in how they interact. AND, it has little to do with race, economics, or religion. You might even say this group isn’t diverse because we all have a common desire to practice a martial art that takes many years to master – but we are diverse.

As in almost all productive teams/groups we are diverse in reaction/response to each, events and things. There people who are flexible and move quickly, strong and difficult to budge, passive and difficult to engage with, others who over-analyze and talk.

I have my favorites to work with, we all do.

If I want to improve my technique, I seek out my least favorites. That is when I grow.

Hanging out with people just like me doesn’t create the appropriate conflict for innovation.

How about you? Do you seek out differences?