I went to a treacherous place…talking politics with people of different perspectives.  It went well;   I Spiral Impacted it!

tellmemore1Repeating these three magic words made it possible:  Tell me more.

These words opened up a fascinating productive dialogue. Coupled with staying centered and choosing an intention to learn, we all learned more about about each other and the topic.

Saying the words, “tell me more” seems to have calming opening effect.  Try it.  Can you be angry or defensive when you say these words?   “Tell me more” puts you in a learning mode.   Notice your lips are receptive when saying “tell”.  Contrast this with how your lips purse out when “you” is stated.

Keep in mind, the conversation is likely to continue beyond one exchange, center, and continue to say those three words, “tell me more”.  Stay focused on the intent of learning. Breathe!

Until we are sincerely willing to learn more about ‘the other’ side, the emotional barriers will continue.  It takes one person to open civil conversation!

The gift for me was threefold:
One, I was asked about my viewpoint in return.
Two, I learned we actually had common ground.
Three, I received a follow-up phone call of gratitude.

We all learned something we didn’t know before.  If this can work with politics…imagine the positive impact on all your relationships!

Simple, not easy! 

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