Charlie Todd’s Ted Talk gave me a present moment experience of his point:  bring people together through public improv.

While watching him on my iPad at the gym I was literally laughing out loud!  Suddenly, several people were looking over my shoulder to see what was so funny.  My improv behavior created a connection.

So what?  What is the point on a conflict resolution blog?

Connection is vital to communication. I find it interesting as the number of people connecting virtually grows (people walking around on cell phones disconnect with their physical present) the number of public improv and flash mob performances grows.

What is the point?

I think the point is:  people need in-person connection and we are forgetting how!

What is required for us to unplug and connect with each other? Does it really take something bizarre?

Enjoy this Ted Talk.  And, notice in the first situation how the woman feels safety once she connects with others.

Oh yes, what do I think improv and conflict have in common?  They both generate an opportunity to connect with others, if we choose.  Your thoughts?

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