It’s the process!  Not the end deal.

Destructive conflict, childish behavior – our Congress modeled nothing I admire.  The end deal is yet to be seen.  Yet, the world lost trust in the United States because of behavior.  Who is teaching them conflict resolution?

There is something for all of us to learn here.  The ‘how’ we go about something often speaks volumes over  ‘what’ is the outcome.

If a manager treats employees poorly, then gives them a raise it doesn’t make up for the loss of trust and respect resulting from behavior.

Yelling at your children in the car on the way to vacation overshadows the fun.  And, creates dread for the journey home and the next ‘fun’ trip.

Dumping your anger on your spouse makes it difficult for deep intimacy later.

While Congress hasn’t asked for my help yet, I will continue to work on my process.  I will also work on the end result.  But, I know the process is crucial.

How about you?