You’ve likely adjusted by now and even happy about it.

Recently, in the dark of the night a change happened. It was expected and wasn’t the first time. Yet, even knowing well in advance didn’t stop the adjustment or fallout from it.

That’s because the change is easy.
Transition or adjustment to the change is the more difficult part of change per William Bridges.

daylight-savings-timeThe change of daylight savings time impacts us twice a year. It is a good model for other types of change. Often the change is simple, DST is a change of clocks. Other changes could be a new boss, job, location, rules etc. The change may be instantaneous but it is our adjustment that can causes discomfort, even with desired change.

Often change creates fallout:

  • Accidents and health issues are documented with spring DST
  • People will quit jobs or relocate when organizations or teams change

What to do? How do you adjust better? It goes back to the Spiral Impact keys!

  • Clarify intent – are you going to complain/resist or are you going to make the best of it?
  • Be easy on yourself – change is adjustment, a good time to strengthen centering practice.
  • Ask for support – often when things change people stay quiet about the impact it has on them, ask for support, unweight that load!

I admit, I wish they’d leave time alone, the change is a hassle. However, with these new spring days it has been nice to have more daylight!

It’s nice to be on the other side of the change now.