What does a grasshopper have to do with conflict resolution or performance improvement?

My indoor winter garden is filled with fresh young green plants, a delightful contrast as everything else is going dormant with the onset of fall.  This morning I was surprised to be greeted by a beautiful grasshopper sitting majestically a top a collard plant!

You might think the conflict is having a grasshopper in a garden.  No, I was thrilled to have a grasshopper in my garden (short term that is).   It means my garden in nontoxic.

I picked up the grasshopper and sat down with it perched on my finger.  I studied the intricate design of his armor.  We checked each other out.  We probably sat for 5 minutes together just the two of us.

Memories of my childhood came forth.  When I was young my best friend, Dianne, and I were always in pursuit of bugs. The presence I felt as a child out at play returned.  When I was young that was all there was – the grasshopper and me.  I wasn’t distracted with other things; I was just with the grasshopper.

A certain magic comes with just being ‘present’ with one thing.

‘Centered’ is a term I use when I teach conflict resolution.   Centered (or call it presence, balance, focus) is a crucial skill to resolve conflict.  I felt centered with the grasshopper.

I often guide my clients to recall a time in their past when they felt centered – when time stands still, everything is animated, vivid.  It is accompanied by the feeling of possibility and quiet power.

From this centered state resolution and possibilities are much easier identified.

Suddenly, the grasshopper sprung away off my finger.  I smile and know that centered state is just a thought away, whenever I choose.

What is your state today?  What is your equivalent to my grasshopper experience?

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From center,  Karen