When is the last time you swung on a swing?

by Austin Schmid unsplash.com

by Austin Schmid unsplash.com

I love swinging on swings.
Swinging requires center.
I believe that is why it makes you feel peaceful and energized.
Do you remember that feeling?  It makes me smile when I recall!

A wonderful thing about recalling a memory is it brings back the feeling!

Rocking in a chair is very similar.
If you’d like to get centered go to a park or school and swing!
This time of year find a rocking chair!
And, if you can’t actually go close your eyes and remember!

As your day gets chaotic this is a simple tool you can apply.
Close your eyes and remember for even just 30 seconds!

The more centered you are the more power, perspective, and peace you have!


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