Where do you live?

I just returned from Colorado. I had the privilege of working with an amazing company, Growing Spaces  and visiting dear friends and magnificent places around the state.

On Sunday my friend, Michael Abdo, spoke at the Aspen Chapel, a landmark which has intrigued me every time I’ve visited Aspen.
The chapel is magical inside and out.

In Michael’s talk he asked, “Where do you live?” His reference was to what state of being do you live. While in the mountains it is very easy to live in my ‘center’ place.  And, I know I can take that place where ever I go.

How about you?  Where do you live?
In drama, frustration, anxiety…or in that center place?
Because that center place you can take where ever you go.

 ‘Center’ transforms your experience moment-to-moment where ever you are.

The mountains are just a reminder, for me.  

What is your reminder?  Where do you live?

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