As I learned I was the odd man out on a significant decision my emotions instantly elevated.  Even my best ‘centering’ skills eluded me.

Frenetic emotional energy is rarely helpful.  Although, pretending the decision doesn’t matter is a bit like trying to catch a tornado in a bag.   It quickly breaks through.  Throwing the emotion on others is destructive.

Have you had this experience?  Here is what works for me to begin move through it:

  • Admit the dissapointment
  • Dissipate the energy, to begin to regain calm center:

                 Physical activity – preferably outside
                 Talk with a trusted advisor
                   Write, journal
                   Consciously breathe
                   Give it time

  • Reflect on the reality of the decision:  What is true? What is not true?
  • Revisit your intention, what is it that you want?  Does this decision move you toward it?

Situations that trigger an intense emotional response, always indicate to me it is time to re-visit my intentions and stepback to check reality.  Many of you may experience a similar feeling when changes seem thrust upon you.

Whatever you decide don’t extinguish your light or contaminate the decision for others.  There is no right or wrong…just different.

What can you add?

Warm regards,