Just one more question would have saved me an hour.

Those of you who know me well, know I am very committed to working out.  I schedule a work out almost everyday.   I find it invaluable in numerous ways:  thinking time, refreshed energy, and physical wellness.

Today I scheduled a swim in at 1 PM, my reward after a morning of writing, before I go teach an evening course.  When I arrived at the gym, a bright pink sign greeted me at the door.  THE POOL IS CLOSED TODAY.  Darn, there goes my schedule.  This is the second time this month this has happened.

In accordance with the Spiral Impact principles I decide to get centered and learn how to prevent this from happening again, I asked the manager:

Is there a pool maintenance schedule?  No, there isn’t.
Is it posted somewhere I can check before I drive here?  No, it isn’t.
What is the best thing I should do so I don’t drive here when the pool is closed?  Call this number (how convenient!).

On my way back to the office,  it occurred to me one very important question:

When will the pool reopen?

I called.  It reopened right after I left.

One more question would have saved me an hour.

When you are problem solving, stop and think through the entire scenario. I know next time I will!