I left to run an errand.  On the way, I was stalled behind a school bus, then a trash truck. Ahh…center, unexpected time to breathe and focus.

I set aside a day for writing.  Then, I just couldn’t get in the mood. Instead, I went for a swim. Ahh…center, as I swam I had all kinds of creative ideas that stimulated my writing.

A client last minute rescheduled an appointment.  Then, Ahh…center, another person I’d been trying to connect with called and we were able talk to solidify a training program.

On the aikido mat, my practice partner stopped me in my tracks…for a nanosecond. Ahh…center, relax; she fell down.

Centering enables you to adjust and adapt quickly into the flow.

The green lights lit magically just as I approached each intersection all the way downtown.  Hmmm…funny how being centered seems to make timing perfect.

Centering is a the ‘center’ of of Spiral Impact…tell me how you are practicing!

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