It’s May in Indianapolis and that means FAST cars. I hear the humming engines even miles away at my home. Many a causal driver seems to pick up the speed a bit. I have exciting memories having come from a ‘car’ family and having worked as an automotive engineer. Indy cars define performance at it’s best.

indycarMy business is about leadership and team performance…and innovation. I find Indy cars to be a great analogy for professional performance.


How many of you are navigating at high speed for long distance with threats on all sides?

The analogy:

1. A low center of gravity is crucial for navigation. The same is true for you.
♦The car’s low center allows for great navigation at high speeds.
♦The driver’s ability to be centered (the calm eye in the storm) gives him the flexibility and presence to respond quickly to changing conditions.
♦Each team member’s ability to be centered saves milliseconds in response and performance time, often the difference between place settings.

Check out my article here: 6 Keys to be the calm eye in the storm

2. Seamless communication with your team
When the rubber hits the road are trust, respect and performance all in check?

3. Excellence in intent, design and equipment
Each team goes out there with the intent to do well and have the best equipment they can muster. How about your team, do you have intent and the tools to pull it off?

Go You Go!

Have a great Holiday Weekend!

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