CD Endorsements

♦I start and end each day listening to Karen’s centering CD. It is amazing how it has given me new perspective on daily events. I don’t get stressed when the day doesn’t go as planned. The carry over effect is I feel calm and I get more done!
Sandy, Human Capital Management

I first had an opportunity to listen to your CD a week ago during a drive to Yellow Wood State Forest. My cousin Helen drove. I asked her to listen along with me. Although skeptical and not overly thrilled, she agreed. Of course , Helen was not very cooperative and insisted that this method only works in a few rare cases. So you know, Helen is easily agitated, easily angered and displays bouts of road rage and certainly does not handle conflict very well. For nearly an hour and 30 minutes, she insisted on debating with me the value of centering.

Upon returning home at the end of the day, I forgot to retrieve the CD. I left numerous messages for Helen and explained I would like to have the CD back. Reluctantly, she returned my call after nearly a week and informed me she had been listening to it daily during her drive to and from work. After a day or two she said she began to feel a bit differently during her drive time. She says she has never experienced such calm. Her co workers and other friends have noticed a change in her. She can’t believe the difference in how much better she feels. She is able to breathe deeply and relax for the first time in a very long time.
In just a short few days of practicing your method of centering, Helen has experienced a tremendous change in her well being and daily routine.

Karen, I lost my CD for all time! However, you acquired an unexpected student! Helen says “thank you!” , so do I.

Indiana University Health

♦Last week I was feeling particularly angry and I knew I was going to have a bad day. I listened to your cd on the way to work and it helped me change my attitude and I was able to influence an outcome that was quite significant!
Barbara, Clarian Health

♦I find Spiral Impact a great way to to get centered. Centering seems to be the way to get things done with dignity and peace of mind. Thank you for sharing with us!
Mary, Eli Lilly & Co.