Boost your Power with Grace

Boost your Power with Grace Transcript: Karen here.  Got a question for you.  What if your driving is a model of how you live the rest of your life? Do you get stressed out with people who break the rules? Do you speed? Do you yell at people in your mind, or out...
Master Conflict. Be More Free

Master Conflict. Be More Free

What does that mean?   Transcript I find it so fascinating to explore the topic of conflict with people. It so interesting how everyone experiences it so differently. I have people who: • Love conflict • Hate conflict and will do just about anything to avoid it •...
Force versus Power

Force versus Power

There’s an Important Difference.   Transcript Have you considered the difference between power and force and how your choice of which to use impacts every interaction you have whether with yourself or another person? I’ve spent a couple-three decades...

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