Monday morning!

Dear Colleagues, It’s now Monday morning. Imagine it is Friday, the week has unfolded perfectly for you and you are telling a friend. In vivid detail what do you say? Even better tell me! Intention is powerful. Be...

Are you a GPS Leader?

Maybe I am old fashioned I like a plain map; even though GPS* is the current rage in travel guidance. My daughter has a GPS she refers to as ‘Hugh.’  ‘Hugh’ has a very sexy English accent…my trust in ‘Hugh’ is low. We get where we want to go...

How Can You Read Minds?

I went out for entertainment and laughs. What I got was an ‘over the top’ demonstration of listening power.   Christian & Katalina’s Mind Tripping show was fantastic. The magical aspect of mindreading is so intriguing.  In my field of team and leadership...

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