Uncertainty and volatility trigger me to deepen my practice of Spiral Impact concepts rather than succumb to fear and anxiety. March 17, 2020 was the launch day of the Black Belt Edition of Spiral Impact.  This original post was written prior to the impact of the pandemic.

Spirals are incredibly powerful.

When external forces push me to spiral down or out of control, I practice the keys of Spiral Impact, which calmly and powerfully redirect me in my desired direction.

When I first started my aikido practice 30 years ago, I frequently said, “I am not in it for the belts.” I just wanted to enjoy learning without pressure. Though, circumstances at our dojo made me realize rank is a credential for teaching, so I commited to test.  Now, poised to take the third black belt – I know the gift of pressure.

To my delight, the accelerated practice and focus toward a black belt test significantly advanced my skill level way beyond just learning without the pressure. Going for the black belt was well worth it.

Uncertainty and volatility add pressure to you too,
rather than succumb to fear, you can use it as a trigger to advance your performance skills
to Generate Your Power to Get It Done with Grace –
virtually your black belt in performance.

This “Black Belt Edition”  brings together years of learning and validating concepts by working with you and other leaders and teams. And, it is an invitation to you to accelerate your performance skills – to Master the Art of Conflict.

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