“I won Friday’s bridge game!” my mom exclaimed with competitive excitement. Then, she let me in on her secret.

“I re-read my book the night before.”

My mom, a bridge expert, has taught hundreds of people this complex card game. She authored a booklet several years ago to help herself and others excel at the game. At 86, a good competitive game is one of her most special delights.

This reminds me, most people, including me, have knowledge that we’ve let slide a bit. I am inspired  to re-read my book.

What about you? What information could you benefit to revisit?

Yesterday was Author’s Day. The beautiful thing about a book or booklet is the generosity of an author to compile and share their years of knowledge and experience. What may have taken them 40 years to learn, you can read over a few hours.

We are entering what is often a stress-filled time of year,
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