My engineer self is inspiring me this month!

Energy cannot be created or destroyed; it only changes form.*

Preparing for Lead with Power & Heart Masterclass for Executives, I review my experience with leadership blind spots that stop the energy of their team members. Like a battery, there must be a good connection for energy flow.

Often, nuances in leaders’ responses may seem insignificant to the leader but not to a team member. Even a confident team member can feel discounted and withdraw their energy.

For energy to flow, there has to be a connection! When a team member withdraws or stores energy, it takes away from the whole team AND the leader!

Here are three examples:
• Charlotte brings up an issue you think is settled. Her leader dismisses her input  in a nice way because she has moved on. The message to Charlotte is, ‘your viewpoint isn’t valued.’ Even if the leader retracts and revisits, the nick in trust remains.

• Howard requests support to deal with an uncomfortable situation he has no control over with a co-worker. His leader listens and says he’ll handle it. Though no change happens, and there is no more conversation. The message to Howard is ‘you are not important to me.’

• In a team meeting, Darren courageously brings up an issue he knows his peers see the same. Silence is deafening as they watch the leader integrate the information. Then, the leader responds by asking if everyone else agrees – no one raises their hand! Darren is left unsupported by his peers and feels a little embarrassed he went out on a limb!

Ironically, a better outcome requires less time—a more nuanced response: to Lead with Power and Heart.

*The First Law of Thermodynamics

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Let’s roll!!