My inner poet was feeling a need to express…I hope you enjoy and find the message helpful!

Just talk to them—
I suggest.
They will never change—
Staking your claim.

Separation wins. It’s easy.

But is it reality, a projection, or an excuse?
Impossible to know unless you explore.

Is it you that will not change?

Labeling builds a wall of perceived right and wrong.
Can you enter with a curious mind
to consider opposing views?

Are you willing to consider change?
Then is it fair to expect change of them?

Be still in curiosity.
What are their viewpoints, fears, and values?
Be quiet and listen.
Let their view sink in.

The goal isn’t agreement; it’s engagement.

A magic door opens in the wall of right and wrong
when they are seen and heard.
In your true hearing, resistance drops.
Walls dissolve.

Force can’t open the door to true connection.
Only the true power of curiosity repairs separation.
This is power with grace.

Karen Valencic

Copyright 2022

Here is a video where I talk about this…

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