During this extraordinary time, many of us are making new business and life decisions. Here is a recent reminder for me, which I hope you’ll find valuable.

The bright green light turn arrow was huge. I still see it in my mind’s eye. It was my right-of-way no question about it. I still paused to make sure the city bus to my left wasn’t going to move against their stoplight. All appeared safe and right for me to proceed – after all, I had the green light.

I took my foot off the brake.

Then BAM! The bus ran into my little Mini just as I initiated movement. Stopped dead in my tracks, the entire front left side of my car was smashed.

This story relates to many decisions. You perceive you have a huge green light saying “YES” this is the right direction or the right opinion – GO!! You are centered and even pause before proceeding to make sure. Yet when you proceed, it doesn’t turn out as you calculated. It may be an immediate “BAM,”  but most often it is less instantaneous to get that feedback as with a business decision, a new job, or relationship.

Here are my take-aways:

  • Evaluate Risk – I felt uncomfortable turning in front of a bus; the risk was high. It was my right-of-way, but the gain didn’t outweigh the risk. With a business decision, what is the investment versus the risk? Innovation requires failing, but make sure the failure doesn’t sink you. In this time of political division, before you assert what you believe is ‘right’ consider the risk to the relationship. For a new job, explore how you can test it before you uproot your life.
  • Pause – It is so much easier to get into something than to get out of it. Pause. Had I immediately moved with the greenlight. I likely would have been T-boned and injured.
  • Follow your gut, your intuition – My gut instinct told me not to go. I was very present, centered, not distracted, and not even in a hurry. I let a green light, something external to me, influence my behavior.

When does a green light mean”GO”?  Answer – it depends!

Let’s roll!  Karen

P.S. I know you are wondering…Yes, the bus company took responsibility and I didn’t get injured!