The wheels of change continue to turn, how is that going for you?  For me, it feels odd to be physically around people again.  I am reminded of my momentum wheel.  I find the awareness of this helpful, smoothing the turbulence of change!

Change, conflict, and innovation are inseparable like three very close cousins.

This is tricky since many people want innovation, avoid conflict, and resent change, often triggering more conflict!  Understanding this triumvirate opens the door to free up momentum by reducing resistance for you and your team.

Last year’s abrupt change with the virus created unwanted conflict and sparked many great innovations.  Those innovations – virtual learning, health treatments, new products – may have never happened otherwise.

Recently, I launched the Jump Start Your Power Video Series (a new way of introducing Spiral Impact that I may have not done in normal times).  The responses have been revealing about what pauses momentum for people now, including:

• Overwhelm because people keep leaving your organization
• Fear and frustration as people hold very different positions on issues
• Increased division over how or if we come back together
• Annoying behaviors magnified by the lens of more change

All these situations create resistance and inertia to moving forward. Change and conflict are inevitable – essential to innovation.  And, innovation causes conflict and change!  Remember they are close cousins.

Where does resistance occur for your team, or for that matter you?  Resistance is often an indicator someone is trying to force something.  To jump start your power, Spiral to dissipate resistance and keep you in the center!

Let’s Roll!  Karen

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