I love the Olympics. What a great time to turn our attention to elite performance and the World coming together for good!

Flawlessly adjusting to rapidly changing circumstances is the hallmark of champions. Athletic performance is an in-your-face visual representation of adjusting mind, body and spirit to each moment’s needs.

Turns out snowy mountains and ponds of ice are very much like business, and life –conditions change unpredictably in an instant.

My practice and work is about keeping balance and flow when impacted by changing circumstances. Lately, the following quote has held special relevance to me:

“We don’t rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training.”

How we engage with self, others, and events daily is our ‘training’. We might have an expectation that we can rise to the occasion when things get tough, but what is more likely is falling to the level of our training.

As world accelerates and expands, I’ve deepen my training. I love the thrill of sticking a ‘landing’! How about you?

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