Those of you who’ve read my writing over time know I am gardener.  This fall, as I was cleaning out my flowerbeds, I decided to harvest the seeds from my beautiful marigolds.  I did this as a kid.  I loved the cycle of flowers dying to produce seeds for the next year.

It occurred to me as I help guide people and organizations, there is much to learn about change from these beautiful golden flowers.

Whether by choice or not – change is a given. It can be a gift that forces you to learn, sharpen your senses, and move you beyond where you’ve been.  The choice is up to you.

Like the marigold, change often means a sort of dying.  It’s a letting go of what was to make room for what will be.

Seeds can’t be harvested from a blooming marigold,
 much like it is difficult to promote change to a thriving person or organization. 

After the excitement, or the trauma, of a change settles there is this middle place. 

The middle place is often messy and as dark as the seeds look in the photo. 

The middle place is when doubt creeps in, people bail out and buried secrets may be revealed.  The middle place is where things we hadn’t considered or planned for show up.

The middle place is where we get to choose if we emerge into something totally new, something slightly better, or whether we quit.

The most important thing about the middle place is to know that it is normal and part of change.  You can’t go through change without the middle!

Here are a few Spiral Impact tips for passing through the middle:

  • Stay focused on the end yet flexible to adjust – even a beautiful remodel looks bad in the middle
  • Step up your centering and breathing practice. it is easy to slip into destructive habits while in the middle
  • Journal what you appreciate about what the change will bring
  • Reevaluate your purpose and adjust if the change is contrary
  • Be physically active
  • Seek out a trust advisor for support
  • Know every thing works out in the end, if it hasn’t worked out it isn’t the end.

Let’s keep rolling!  Karen


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