‘Imagination is the True Magic Carpet.’
Norman Vincent Peale

Wishing you a holiday filled with magic and dreams come true….

Whether you gather with friends and family, or spend  time alone this holiday season, create some magic by sparking your imagination.  Here are a few questions to stimulate the dialogue or thought!

If you could play again with a significant friend from the past, who would you pick to play with and what would you play?

If someone said, “Go ahead and do what your heart desires,”   Just what is your heart desire?

If you could sleep on a cloud, what would your blanket be?

If each time you greeted someone, you gave him or her an object, what object would you give and why?

If you could add a new wonder to the world would it be? How would you depict it?

Wishing you a magical Holiday Season!


PS…if you’d like to share your magic please do!